Work experience at Butlins

3 J0000006+01:00 2009

Hi my names Lauren Trew. I come from Houghton Regis. And I’m doing my work experience at Butlins. Which is really good and interesting.

Butlins has got people who were in Britain’s Got Talent coming to their Resorts, which is amazing: e.g George Sampson, and also a few more.

I really liked watching Britain’s got talent my fave act was Aiden the dancer. I was shocked when he didn’t win. But I hopefully he will go to Butlins for a show. If he does go to Butlins I will defently be there to see him perform.

Scott Mills interview with Butlins

3 J0000006+01:00 2009

Scott Mills is a regular celebrity performer at our Butlins Big Weekends, which are all about having fun, getting dressed up and celebrating the best music from different decades. So we thought we’d ask Scott about his favourite music, great nights out and crazy celebrities.

1. What kind of music really gets you up and dancing?
A lot of the music I play is 90’s; I really like 90’s house music like faithless and insomnia, that kind of stuff. When I play it the dance floor fills up and when I see that it makes me go crazy too!

2. You seem to love the 90’s, is that your favourite music decade?
I do like the 90’s but I also love the 00’s.There’s been some great albums out just since the start of this year. Since about 2004 or 5 there’s been some amazing stuff, pop has made a real come back and the charts are really good at the moment. There’s also been a revival of great female singers like Lilly Allen and Lady Gaga.

3. What do you like best about Butlins Big Weekends?
Butlins is a guaranteed good crowd. Sometimes you play gigs and the crowd isn’t very up for it, but every time you play at Butlins you know that you’ll have a good crowd because it’s planned. They’ve come away for the weekend specifically to have fun, get dressed up and dance. Everyone’s in a good mood and it makes the night a lot more fun.

4. What’s the craziest fancy dress outfit that you’ve ever worn and where?
My flat mate has loads for great outfits but I don’t tend to get dressed up too much. Although, I used to work at a radio station in London and they had a regular 70’s night where they would make me get dressed up in an afro and flares. Once we had to dress up as the Village People and I was the Indian. No, there aren’t any pictures of it.

5. What’s the funniest thing that has ever happened to you on a night out?
I lost my shoes once. I was at a wedding in Norwich and I took them off so I’d feel more comfortable – I like to take my shoes off, it makes me feel like I’m at home – and later that night I looked for them but couldn’t find them anywhere. I was going around all the guests asking if they’d seen my shoes and no one had. In the end I had to borrow someone else’s that were two sizes too small! My shoes were never found.

6. Who are the craziest celebrities that you have ever interviewed for BBC Radio 1?
Mariah Carey. I’ve interviewed her a few times and she’s actually really good fun. She plays up to the Diva image and isn’t as ridiculous as you’d think. But she doesn’t really walk, she glides towards you. It’s very funny, but a bit weird! You have to see it to believe it.
Lady Gaga was mad. She came into the Radio One building for an interview dressed in a bin bag and sunglasses and went up to people she didn’t know and just said “hi, I’m gaga”. She also brought an empty tea cup and saucer with her which she didn’t use for anything. She is bonkers!
Pamela Anderson was a bit strange. She wouldn’t answer any questions. She just kept saying no comment!

Hello world!

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National Family Week and Butlins

3 J0000005+01:00 2009

It’s National Family Week from 25-31st May and the team at Butlins are busy promoting the event.

We’ve got free Dora the explorer books to give away and a book swop at our Resorts, and yesterday we took Billy Bear and a couple of Redcoats to the National Family Week picnic in Hyde Park. It was a lot of fun and thankfully the weather was lovely but not as hot as Sunday.

Eric Cantona and Beach Soccer at Butlins

3 J0000005+01:00 2009

If you’ve read this week’s newspapers and blogs you’ll know that we’re expecting Eric Cantona at Butlins Minehead Resort in July for our BSWW Euro League Beach Soccer event.

In preparation for that I’ve just got back from a week at our Butlins Minehead Resort where I was filming and photographing the England Beach Soccer team to help promote the events we’ve got going on.

Earlier this spring, the England team held their squad selections at Butlins; now the team are using our Resorts to train and prepare for their summer season; which starts on June 6th in Valencia, Spain with the World Cup Qualifiers. If you want to find out more about the England team and what they are up to this summer check out their website And if you want to play Beach Soccer we’ve got the Butlins Cup tournament for adults, and Beach Soccer World Wide qualified coaches running sessions for kids.

This weekend we launched the new Butlins England kit and created some player profiles to put on our social networking sites. We also interviewed the manager and captain to find out more about Beach Soccer and filmed the players having fun on Resort. We’ve got footage of them on the bumper boats, K2 High Ropes, in Splash Waterworld and Blueskies. It was a lot of fun and the weather was amazing, let’s hope the weather reports are accurate and it’s going to be a long, hot British summer. I must remember to use more sun tan cream though – especially as we are working with Cancer Research to promote their Sun Smart campaign.

By Sara-Jane Brown – Online PR

Butlins Supports National Family Week

3 J0000005+01:00 2009

It’s National Family Week next week. If you’re on resort for a half-term break, Butlins will be doing its best to help you celebrate spending time together as a family.

Reading bedtime stories together is a simple, enjoyable way to have a bit of quiet time together. We’ve teamed up with Nick Jnr to give away 1,000 Dora the Explorer Bedtime Wishes books for free, giving you and your children a new story to read. You can get your book by attending one of the Butlins Storytime Sessions with Billy Bear or by at the Kids Clubs for 5-8 year olds.

What’s more, we’ve set up a book swap in the nursery. If your little ones are getting bored of the same stories, then pop along to the nursery. You can pick up a book that’s new to you in return for an old one of yours!

We’re launching a bid to see how many bedtime stories can be read in one week! We’re aiming for about 2,000 hours of stories read over the week. We’d love to hear about your experiences of reading bedtime stories – do your children have a favourite story that you have to read again and again? Do you have any tips for reading bedtime stories that you can share with others? How many silly voices can you do in one story? We’d love to hear what bedtime story-telling is like for you.

S Club interview at Butlins

3 J0000004+01:00 2009

Win a ‘Record Deal’ At Butlins

3 J0000004+01:00 2009

Win a ‘Record Deal’ At ButlinsBognor Regis

Butlins has teamed up with record production company GTI to bring you the opportunity of a lifetime at Bognor Regis on Sunday 19th April

You could win a Record Deal!

If I could sing and it wasn’t in the rules that Butlins employees cannot enter, then I would be there for sure.

Auditions start at 12 noon and we will be selecting 5 acts to perform on our ‘Reds Stage’ that evening in front of the Butlins audience who I’m sure will be very supportive.

The competition is open to anyone over the age of 12, so if you fancy yourself as the next Beyonce, Girls Aloud, Take That or Tom Jones then this is your chance.

The winning act as decided by the Butlins audience will then get a one single record deal with GTI.

Your performance will be recorded and within 6 weeks your single will be sold alongside the worlds biggest artists on digital music stores such as itunes, napster, worldwide!

Get practicing now and please let us know if you’re taking part!

By Sara-Jane Brown – Online PR

Motor Cycle News coming to Butlins

3 J0000003+01:00 2009

MCN is coming to Butlins Skegness Resort from 24th -27th April, for an adults only weekend to kick start the biking season.

There will be unbelievable stunt shows, top live music and partying, as Skegness plays host to the biannual MCN Live! The weekend includes all the best entertainment of Butlins adult weekends and also;

• Manufacturers’ Village – Test drive the latest models or even buy your next bike
• Amazing stunt shows
• Interactive Zone – All day, on-site petrol-head fun – Try and Ride activities
• Tour the local area with our organised Rideout
• The beautiful MCN Babes
• Great outdoor team activities and challenges
• Show & Shine competition
• Plus bikes for sale too!

Butlins and Univeristy of Chicester working together

3 J0000003+01:00 2009

Butlins and the University of Chichester have joined forces and signed a memorandum of understanding partnership.

The partnership involves a number of joint initiatives including; the launch of a new Foundation Degree in Technical Skills for the Leisure and Entertainment Industry, with work placements at Butlins. And, University of Chichester Accreditation for Butlins employees who pass our in house training courses,

There are also other ideas being discussed such as; a first class, sea front, water-sports development, a ‘Sunniest Place in Britain’ exhibition and Butlins Resorts achieving ‘Green Accreditation‘.

This is the first time a holiday resort has worked in this way with a university and we are very proud to be associated with the University of Chichester, which was ranked 2nd in the Sunday Times University Guide for 2008.

By Sara-Jane Brown, Online PR